Keyframe-based camera paths

Gaia Sky gets keyframe-based camera paths

4 minute read

During the last months I have been working on a QOL improvement for Gaia Sky video production. Currently, Gaia Sky offers a couple of ways to persist and reproduce camera behaviours: scripting and camera paths. Scripting offers a high level API which allows for the interaction and manipulation of the internal state. Conceptually, a running script is no different from a regular user. A script runs in its own thread and, like a user, interacts with Gaia Sky’s core through the event manager, a message-passing entity which encapsulates the core functionality.

Particle Physics Simulator videos

Juicy videos of the app running

1 minute read

Here are some videos of the various versions that have been released of the Particle Physics Simulator (formerly called N-Body Simulator) for Android.

1 minute read

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