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NAS review: QNAP TS-351-2G

I got myself a QNAP TS-351-2G NAS a year ago, here is my review

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A little over a year ago, in January 2020, I got myself a QNAP TS-351-2G 3-bay NAS in order to store all of my and my family’s data in a fail safe RAID configuration. I opted for the somewhat unconventional 3-bay setup in an attempt to trade off limited physical space at home with storage capacity. I don’t have much space in my living room for a big NAS, and the 2-bay options, albeit being very compact, are limited to RAID-1, where half of the space is used for storage and the other half is used for redundancy protection (data is basically mirrored on the second drive). In QNAP’s website there are three 3-bay Home options: the entry-level TS-332X, the middle-range TS-328 and the high-end TS-351. So I thought to myself, “I’m getting the high-end unit, how bad can it be?”. Well, now that I have been using this NAS for a year I think I can answer this question.

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