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The photo sharing project of the fediverse

2 minute read

Yesterday I created an account in pixelfed.social, one of the many instances of Pixelfed, the distributed image sharing open source project which federates with Mastodon and others. Anyone can set up its own instance and have it ’talk’ to all the others. So, I created an account and started sharing some of my shots. For the most part, it works very well and I’m eternally grateful that something like this exists, free from the claws of big corporations hungry for your data.

Thesis submitted

After many long years, I submitted my Ph.D. thesis

1 minute read

After some seven long years of working on my Ph.D. off-the-clock and three extensions, about a month ago I finally submitted my thesis to the doctoral office for review. I started back in 2015 when I had no kids. Today, I have two kids and 3 peer-reviewed papers on top visualization journals (and an unpublished one). It has been an interesting ride indeed. For now, I can relax for a few weeks until the examination date is set.

Huge refactoring in Gaia Sky: ECS

Moving the old inheritance hierarchy to an entity component system

4 minute read

In these last few days I have merged a huge internal refactoring into Gaia Sky’s master branch. This refactoring has been cooking for several months and has adapted or completely replaced virtually every piece in the code base. Read on if you want to know more.

Hello, Codeberg Pages

Moving this site from Gitlab Pages to Codeberg Pages

6 minute read

In their own words, taken from the docs, “Codeberg is a democratic community-driven, non-profit software development platform operated by Codeberg e.V. and centered around Codeberg.org, a Gitea-based software forge.”. Essentially, it is a non-profit platform run on donations for sharing free and open source software by providing a collaborative VCS environment based on Gitea. One good day I decided to move all my open source repositories from GitLab over to Codeberg, and that includes the hosting of this very website. This is the story of this migration.

Trying out Sway and Wayland

Is Wayland ready for prime time yet? Find out here.

5 minute read

Wayland is a modern display server protocol that will eventually replace X11. It is still not quite a hundred percent there, but it has been improving steadily and gaining ground over the past years. It is expected to become the new default display server on Linux systems at some point in the near future… Whatever near means in that context.

This past weekend I had some time to play around with Sway, a window manager and Wayland compositor that mimics i3. How did it go?

Procedural generation of planetary surfaces

Generating realistic planet surfaces and moons

12 minute read

I have recently implemented a procedural generation system for planetary surfaces into Gaia Sky. In this post, I ponder about different methods and techniques for procedurally generating planets that look just right and explain the process behind it in somewhat detail. This is a rather technical post, so be warned. As a teaser, the following image shows a planet generated using the processes described in this article.

Left: a wide view of a procedurally generated planet. Right: the same planet viewed from the surface.

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