Applications and software

dotfiles — My dotfiles project. Contains the configuration, bootstrapping and deploying of my i3 (X11) and Sway (Wayland) environments.

Gaia Sky — A real-time 3D visualisation application developed in OpenGL in the framework of Gaia outreach. Gestated in the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut of Heidelberg University.

Gaia Sky catgen — LOD catalog generation for Gaia Sky written in Rust. It supports the integration of multiple catalogs using cross-match information, additional columns cross-referenced by id, extinction and reddening corrections and much more.

RTS Engine — Real time strategy game engine written in Java. Very early stage, but already usable. There is a private fork which contains much more advanced AI based on behavior trees and state machines, original graphics, sound, heights, and uses an entity component system (ECS) internally.

Virtual texture tools — A collection of Python scripts to generate and process Sparse Virtual Texture datasets for Gaia Sky (and others).

langursh — A basic POSIX shell written in C. It offers only the basics, but it is fully functional and very light.

tsnake — A terminal snake game written in C++ using the ncurses library with support for different maps and tons of options. Here a write-up.

mediaorganiser-py — Very small script to organise media files into folders sorted by year and month (/YYYYMM). It scans the file name and the EXIF and RAW metadata. Very handy to keep your photos and videos automatically sorted. I also made a C++ port (here), but it is kind of unmaintained.

markov-nl — A very minimalistic first-order Markov model for natural language generation based on text input.


Celestial Pole Motion — Tracks the motion of the mean celestial poles with respect to the ICRS due to the Earth's precession and nutation.


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