Celestial Pole Motion

Motion of the celestial poles with respect to the ICRS

This is a wee graphical application to visualise the movement of the celestial pole (J2000.0) with respect to the ICRS due to the precession and nutation of the Earth. There is a basic GUI which lets you switch between north and south pole and lets you control the time speed. The program uses the IAU2000 equations for the two sets of angles and yields good results for at least a span of 6000 years. It also features the latitude lines and a background with some of the most important Hipparcos stars.

You can get more information on how this is calculated in this PDF file.


North celestial hemisphereSouth celestial hemisphere


We provide a compressed file with the application ready to execute in full screen mode. It only works in Windows and Linux.


In order to run follow the given instructions:

  • Linux - Give execution permissions to the run.sh file and run it.
  • Windows - Just run the run.bat file.


The source code is available in this repository under the GPLv3 license.

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