Gaia Sky 3 
Dark theme and redesign 
Map Wacom tablet to a single display 
Using Gaia Sky data to mimic astrophoto 
Memory mapped files in Rust 
NAS review: QNAP TS-351-2G 
My old blog 
Run a command when files change 
Mouseless Rust 
Transmission, a CLI torrent manager 
A few words about MPD 
Bye bye Twitter (almost) 
Particle Physics Simulator available on … 
Out for a couple of months 
Use smartphone as a webcam 
Arch with LUKS on LVM 
Tor with qutebrowser 
My experience with 
Gaia Sky 2.2.0 
Learning ncurses 
Scripting Gaia Sky 
New simpler design 
My Linux setup (as of 10/2020) 
Keyframe-based camera paths 
System monitoring polybar modules 
Sharing my dotfiles 
Moving Gaia Sky to GitLab 
Gaia Sky jumbo summer release 1.5.0 
New release of Gaia Sky 
Moving to Hugo 
Gaia Sky in APOD 
Gaia videos 
First version of Gaia Sky released in … 
Gaia Sky hits version 0.800b 
Gaia Sky is Gaia Image of the Week 
Gaia Sandbox version 0.704b 
Gaia Sandbox goes public 
Review of Particle Physics Simulator 
Messing around with HTML5 
Photos of Nepal 
From Slick to Libgdx 
New web design 
RTS engine preview 
Released version 3.6 
Particles of different sizes in v3.5 
Load/save feature in version 3.4 
Friction added in version 3.3 
Bug fixes and more in 3.2.4 
Version 3.2 out now 
Particle Physics Simulator 3.1.4 in … 
We have a mobile version! 
Particle Physics Simulator 3.1 just … 
Particle-Mesh force calculator 
Particle Physics Simulator videos 
Astronomy Cast, just had to tell you … 
Released version 2.6 of Particle Physics … 
New version 2.5.5 of Particle Physics … 
Hello world 
oldblog: Finally, Japan photos 
oldblog: Leaving in a few hours 
oldblog: Final report and some other … 
oldblog: The true story 
oldblog: VERIGUT 
oldblog: Screenshots 
oldblog: From Aberdeen 2 Japan 
oldblog: The project 
oldblog: Guiri 
oldblog: What's next - Highlands 
oldblog: Eto'o, estic amb tu! 
oldblog: The Priory 
oldblog: Futbol i neu 
oldblog: New and permanent address 
oldblog: Settling down 
oldblog: Els primers dies 
oldblog: Time has come 
oldblog: Hillhead 
oldblog: Starting to see the light 
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