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Ph.D. Thesis Defended Successfully

Last friday I defended my Ph.D. thesis successfully, it is now finally over

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Edit (2024-07-03): The thesis has now been published and is available here (Open Access). After almost 2 years since the submission of my Ph.D. thesis, I finally could defend it successfully last Friday (May 3, 2024). It has been a long journey, exactly 9 years since the initial acceptance on May 3, 2015. The road has been bumpy, especially since I had to juggle my job with the work I was doing on the side for the thesis, but in the end I think it was well worth it.

Thesis Submitted

After many long years, I submitted my Ph.D. thesis

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After some seven long years of working on my Ph.D. off-the-clock and three extensions, about a month ago I finally submitted my thesis to the doctoral office for review. I started back in 2015 when I had no kids. Today, I have two kids and 3 peer-reviewed papers on top visualization journals (and an unpublished one). It has been an interesting ride indeed. For now, I can relax for a few weeks until the examination date is set.

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Tomorrow my parental leave officially starts, so I’ll be off the grid for a little over a couple of months. I’ll be back mid September with (hopefully) recharged batteries. In the mean time, have fun!

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