QNAP Meltdown: Qlocker

QNAP shows incompetence in an unprecedented level

2 minute read

If you are not interested in tech in general and in NAS manufacturers in particular you may have missed the latest news on the shiny new exploit affecting QNAP NAS systems: the Qlocker. Basically, the attackers gained access to QNAP systems and used 7-zip to move the user’s files to password-protected archives. Then, they started a massive ransomware campaign asking for 0.01 BTC (around 500 USD) for the password to unlock the files.

Well, it turns out there’s a hardcoded password in one of QNAP’s shitty apps for QTS (their operating system), called HBS 3 Hybrid Backup Sync. According to this thread, an engineer called Walter Shao, who is the Technical Manager of QNAP since 2013, added a backdoor using the admin password “walter”. Very nice. This story talks to us about the non-existing standards followed at QNAP when it comes to software auditing and review.

It’s a good thing that I decided to strip my NAS of all this rubbish software a while ago, but the device itself will remain switched off as a precautionary measure until this matter is cleared up. This just adds a cherry on top of my already sizable distrust for that company.

For a little bit of comic relief look at this reddit thread discussing the issue. Some comments are real funny.

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