Version 3.2 Out Now

New feature version (v3.2) of Particle Physics Simulator for Android!

1 minute read

The new feature version 3.2 of the Particle Physics Simulator brings some new exciting features. I’d like to thank Keith for some cool suggestions. Let’s see the new features:

  • Tail length can now be set to short, medium and long. A short tail increases performance but ain’t that cool. Useful for slow devices, mostly.
  • Static particles can now be created. The shooting button now cycles through particle, antiparticle and static particle. They are displayed with a cross.
  • Gravity level can be set now to zero so that the app can now simulate pool-like scenarios (in combination with elastic collisions), which is kind of cool.
  • Simulation can be paused using top velocity bar. This may be useful to set up a configuration from scratch without having particles moving around.
  • Finally, initial particle sizes can now be set to extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. It may come in handy in tabs with big screens.

That’s all for now folks!

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