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This is a verbatim copy of a post made in my old blog dimlight.wrodpress.com, included here for archiving purposes.

Hello, I’m back again, so dont get confused if you see me around in Barcelona or Arenys! After coming back I can confirm what I expected: the thing I miss the most from Aberdeen are the long football afternoons we spent in Seaton (well, that and cheap deals involving Guinness or any other kind of beer in the Watering Hole). I’ve had quite a nice time indeed and all that comes to my mind when I think of Scotland is “wonderful”.

About the work I was supposed to do (remember, the final year project), I already got it marked. “First Honours Class” in their weird CAS marking system, which means an A in the international one, if such thing exists :P I’m uploading the final report in case someone is curious and wants to hav a look a it: Honours Project report

On the other hand, I do have to decide now about my future after the trip to Japan. I’m thinking of getting a flat with a friend of mine and move to Barcelona, get a job and settle down. Also, I’d like to keep on studying something completely different, like history or hummanities. Gotta take my time to think about it… In the mean time, just enjoy the mediterranean summer and get the A and B driving licences (wo, I should have got’em years ago!).

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