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This is a verbatim copy of a post made in my old blog dimlight.wrodpress.com, included here for archiving purposes.

Woha, it’s been a long time since the last post… Anyway, this August I’m going definately to Japan, we’ve already got the tickets for a moderate price, and we’ve got Hokuto and Ikuya there waiting for taking us to a trip around the countryside and the most important cities, both traditional and modern Japan. Karaoke nights full of sake and sapporo, meals of rice, noodles and tempora. Katanas, samurais, temples, judo, almond trees (sakura) and manga.

Hokuto just sent me a webpage about a festival we’ll be going in Nagoya, if you feel like checking it out just follow this link.

I’m a bit idle here in Aberdeen for it is Sunday and the weather’s fucking bad, it’s been raining for two days without a break and everything makes me think we wont be playin’ football this afternoon… :(

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