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This is a verbatim copy of a post made in my old blog dimlight.wrodpress.com, included here for archiving purposes.

So I’m finally settled down in Scotland. I went today to buy a football so that we can play whenever we feel like, without having to ask the others for a proper ball. Well, anyway, Im posting to tell u about whats happening in the upcoming week. A friend of my hometown, Oriol, is coming some days to Aberdeen to visit me and to hav a quick look at Scotland, so we’ll be taking a 4-day tour through the north and the west of this country, the less populated and most beautiful zone. It covers a great route that leaves from Edinburgh (we’ll probably move there on wednesday since we’re supposed to be at the departing office at 8.15am on thursday) and goes all the way to the Isle of Skye through Stirling (where the William Wallace monument is located) and Glencoe. Then we go towards the north to Kyle of Lochalsh, Inverness and the Loch Ness. We’ll have a chance there to catch a brief glipmse of Nessie or to see any trace of crippled sheep :P. Once there, we’ll go back to Edinburgh via Perth, just in time to take the coach back to Aberdeen. After I’ll post the pictures.

Thinking a bit about that, I just realize that the 21st in the afternoon we’ll be in Edinburgh, and here comes the question. Whats going on the 21st at six o’clock? Aye! Exactly, the first leg of the Barça-Liverpool knockout! So two years after watching a Barça 3-0 Madrid in a bar nearby the Edinburgh Castle I’ll surely be back there to watch another important Barça game! Thats funny, at least :)

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