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This is a verbatim copy of a post made in my old blog dimlight.wrodpress.com, included here for archiving purposes.

Well, everything is set, my second erasmus experience is about to start. During this week I’ve been arranging and fixing some pending tasks I had pulled apart, mostly some erasmus paperwork. And now it is time to say farewell to everyone. For example, yesterday we had dinner with the work colleagues in a comfortable, warm restaurant in Gracia district called La Barbacoa de Gràcia. Food was excellent indeed, with a wide range of barbecued meats and torrades, slices of toast with cold meats, cheeses and stuff like this on it. Well, regarding the trip, I have to say I’m flying from Barcelona Airport (13.30h) to Glasgow International Airport (15.25h) with FlyGlobeSpan. Once there, I gotta have to look for a way to get to the Queen Street train Station, for there’s only one direct train to Aberdeen at 17.40h. They told me it is worth to behold the landscape during the train journey, specially when passing near the Firth of Forth. Anyway I promise I’ll pay attention and take some pictures to show you in future posts. Take care!

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