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This is a verbatim copy of a post made in my old blog dimlight.wrodpress.com, included here for archiving purposes.

The picture below shows a Google Earth screenshot of the Hillhead Halls zone in Aberdeen. This is where I’ll be living from the end of January on and for a little more than four months. I’ve put some numbers on it to point out some interesting findings:

Hillhead halls of residence

  1. These are the Hector Boece halls. One of these is supposed to be my shared flat.
  2. Football pitches. As I can see from here, it seems there’s a grass turf one and an Astro turf one. Nearby there’s a patch of terrain that looks like a concrete 5-a-side football pitch. Anyway, football is near, life is good ;)
  3. There’s a river right next to the halls. Dont think fishing is allowed but it is always good to hav water around.
  4. Seaton park. A big extension of grass. I guess football can be played here too.
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