Shader Canvas Hugo Shortcode

A Hugo shortcode to render GLSL in real time on your site

3 minute read

Do you want to add a canvas with a shader running in real time to your Hugo site? In this post I show how to create a Hugo shortcode to display a shader.

Supercharging Exoplanets

A short report on the new developments in exoplanet datasets in Gaia Sky

20 minute read

A couple of years ago I wrote about the procedurally generated planets in Gaia Sky. In this post, I provided a more or less detailed technical overview of the process used to procedurally generate planetary surfaces and cloud layers.

Since then, we have used the system to spice up the planets in the planetary systems for which the Gaia satellite could determine reasonable orbits (see the data here, and some Gaia Sky datasets for some of those systems here, including HD81040, Gl876, and more).

However, with the upcoming Gaia DR4, the number of candidate exoplanets is expected to increase significantly, rendering the “one dataset per system” approach unmaintainable. In this post I describe some of the improvements made with regards to exoplanets in Gaia Sky, in both the handling of large numbers of extrasolar systems seamlessly, and in the brand new, improved procedural generation of planetary surfaces and clouds.

Ph.D. Thesis Defended Successfully

Last friday I defended my Ph.D. thesis successfully, it is now finally over

1 minute read

Edit (2024-07-03): The thesis has now been published and is available here (Open Access). After almost 2 years since the submission of my Ph.D. thesis, I finally could defend it successfully last Friday (May 3, 2024). It has been a long journey, exactly 9 years since the initial acceptance on May 3, 2015. The road has been bumpy, especially since I had to juggle my job with the work I was doing on the side for the thesis, but in the end I think it was well worth it.

Creating and Applying Patches

Use diff and patch to create and apply patches to files

2 minute read

The POSIX diff, cmp and patch commands are very versatile. Sometimes, you need to edit a part of a file and send only your changes to somebody else to apply. This is where these handy commands can help. This post describes concisely how to use them to compare files, create patches and apply them.

Replacing the Steam Deck SSD

A step-by-step guide to upgrade the internal SSD drive of Valve's Steam Deck

7 minute read

I got my Steam Deck almost a year ago. I got the cheapest 64 GB model fully expecting that I would need to upgrade its internal M.2 2230 NVMe SSD to something with more capacity down the road. Well, the day finally came. In this post I report the quick and painless process I followed to successfully upgrade the Steam Deck 64 GB SSD to a more than respectable 1 TB M.

MangoHud and Java

A little tip to launch Java programs directly from your IDE using MangoHud

2 minute read

MangoHud is an overlay for monitoring frame rates, frame times, temperatures and CPU/GPU loads on Vulkan and OpenGL applications in Linux. It is also the default performance overlay used in the Steam Deck, and it is awesome. I know the amount of people using Java for high performance graphics is not very high, but they are there, of that I’m sure. I’m actually one of them. Gaia Sky is written in Java, and even though it has its own rudimentary debug overlay, MangoHud goesfar beyond it.

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